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Our campus and research facilities

Inagro has the facilities for research, validation and demonstration in real-life environment in a wide range of crops in conventional, organic as well as in agro-ecological farming systems.
In its own infrastructure, Inagro has:

Moreover, Inagro has a long-term partnership with a wide network of local farmers, to perform on farm trials.

Take a closer look...

  • Nature Based research and demonstration platform

    Since 2019, Inagro has installed its demonstration platform on Nature Based Agriculture.

  • Trial fields

    16 ha of fields for trails in conventional farming and 12 hectares for field trials in organic farming.

  • Agroforestry research and demonstration platform

    On a plot combining arable crops and vegetables and the cultivation of walnut trees, we study and demonstrate the potential of agroforestry.

  • Greenhouses

    0.4 hectare conventional greenhouse and 0.9 hectare high tech greenhouse ‘Agrotopia’ for leafy and fruit vegetables

  • Precision farming technology

    precision farming technology: RTK-GPS, drones, remote sensing, dataprocessing

  • Growth chambers and multilayer agriculture

    Inagro installed a container for multilayer indoor growing in Rumbeke-Beitem. Another indoor multilayer growing facility will be installed at Agrotopia.

  • Insect research center

    6 climate controlled rearing rooms to perform applied research on a semi-industrial scale.

  • Research and demo platform on anaerobic digestion

    Inagro has its own small scale anaerobic digester for research and demonstration purposes. It has a total volume of 200 m³ and a CHP with an electrical power of 31 kW.

  • Aquaculture research facility

    At the Aquaculture Research Center of Inagro we focus on freshwater fish production in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS).

  • An ISO 17025 accredited lab

    Modern and highly sensitive laboratory instruments combined with great expertise for reliable and quality analysis of chemical and bacteriological parameters makes Inagro your perfect partner.

  • Belgian endives

    Inagro's Belgian chicory research unit covers 1000 m², consisting of cold storage and different forcing rooms.

  • Edible mushrooms

    research facility edible mushrooms