Aquaculture research facility

pikeperch aquaculture

At the Aquaculture Research Center of Inagro we focus on freshwater fish production in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). All RAS have round tanks, drumfilter, moving-bed-bio-filter, Oxygen injection, UV-sterilisation, security (back-up) systems,… all what you can find in a real farm.

Research is done on all production stages:

  • Broodstock: today we have a pikeperch broodstock of 120 animals in a climatized room (reproduction in October).
  • Hatchery: 12 tanks of 220 litre.
  • Juvenile system with possibility of faeces collection: 12 tanks of 750 litre.
  • Grow-out with 20 tanks of 2m³, able to disconnect from each other into 4 systems with 5 tanks.
  • Holding system with 4 tanks of 8m³ each.

This multifunctional infrastructure makes it possible to do all kind of research. The presence, on the same campus, of a greenhouse, duckweed production, insect production, biogas installation and much more makes it also possible to focus on circular fish production.

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