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Unique demonstration platform on Nature Based Agriculture

Since 2019, Inagro has installed its demonstration platform on Nature Based Agriculture. The field measures around 1.3ha and is located on the research facilities of Inagro. The main objective is to create a space where a wide group of stakeholders from researchers over farmers to policy makers, can learn and discuss how to overcome challenges, capture opportunities and generate realistic expectations about farming in a nature friendly environment.

By establishing a network of nature based measures, we are creating a resilient agricultural environment where a stable population of beneficial insects (natural pest control and pollination) can settle in the long term. Hereby putting maximum effort into good agricultural practices, gaining practical experience on establishing and managing agro-environmental measures.  

Practice what you preach

On the one hand we focus on installation, management and demonstration. Either of successful but more common agro-environmental schemes such as flower strips and mixed hedges, or on more innovative practices such as the beetle bank.

On the other hand, we create a suitable platform to conduct practice-oriented research on the effect of an enriched natural environment on conventional crop production. Installing and managing agro-environmental measures ourselves gives us first-hand practical experience that we directly can pass on to our farmers.

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What’s in it for you?

Most of all Inagro’s nature based platform provides you a space for learning, action and exchange. Creating an environment for project brokering, with experimentation, learning, knowledge generation and exchange as central elements of cooperation. The platform also renders decision support for researchers, policy developers, funding agencies and learn farmers on the effect of implementing nature in their agrarian business.  

Reaching out for international cooperation

And whether this helps! Cooperation within a national or international project context encourages taking on new challenges. Having a platform surely helps to bring together groups of individuals with different backgrounds, expertise and interests and provides partnerships with a space for discussion and expertise building.

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Want to take a closer look?

Wanting to learn more about our Nature Based Agriculture platform? To include the platform in one of your project actions? Do you just want to visit and see for yourselves?