Sustainability and quality first

Quality control at labo

As a knowledge institution, Inagro aims to set an example to the various stakeholders. This ambition is expressed at all levels and in all aspects of our operations.

Our quality assurance system complies with the GEP and EPPO guidelines. Standard operating procedures support our study directors and field technicians in their planning, trial designs, application techniques, crop assessments as well as statistical analysis and reporting. We ensure well performed and documented field trials and offer our clients high-quality and customized field studies to accommodate individual requirements.

The overall management system of Inagro has been ISO 14001 approved since 2014. Our laboratory has been ISO 17025 accredited for over 15 years.

An independent quality assurance unit within the organization guarantees that our working methodologies meet the standards set by GEP/EPPO, ISO 14001 and ISO 17025 at any time. Our quality manager controls every individual protocol and report of the GEP trials. Through a continuous program of internal audits and training, the quality standards within the organization are monitored and improved continually.