Services to farmers

Farmers and horticulturists are looking for specialist knowledge specifically tailored to their company’s needs. Our most important mission is to share our knowledge and expertise with that target group. Inagro’s experts are independent, in close contact with the field and keen to deliver tailor-made solutions. We try to be accessible to all farmers and horticulturists, regardless of their type of business, their company’s size or their choice of sales channel.


Digitalisation allows us to offer farmers large amounts of customised information about crops and topics. Inagro membership is free of charge. Members receive a personalised weekly newsletter and frequent personal invitations to events and training sessions based on their interests. The Inagro website is accessible to everyone. The trade press also shares our knowledge with a wide audience, both on paper and in electronic format.


Personal contact and direct experiences help farmers and horticulturists to make confident choices. That is why we organise more than 150 activities a year, such as training sessions, field trial visits and demos.


Our advisors are out in the field to assist farmers with their business operations. Such extensive independent support is based on a high level of mutual trust. Our business guidance, learning networks, scans and audits all offer tailored advice. We also monitor the disease and pest risks for various crops and we send warning notifications to growers. Our analysis and diagnostics help farmers to detect deviations on time and make it easier for them to comply with the legal obligations. Our laboratory plays a key role in this.


Inagro has an accredited laboratory for soil, water, manure and crop analysis. It analyses about 60,000 samples annually. Twothirds of these are soil samples. Sampling is necessary because the legislation on fertilisation and crop protection has become far stricter now. Our lab provides correct sampling, certified analysis and correct advice to ensure that farmers are properly informed.

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