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A wide range of possibilities …

In 2001, Inagro was one of the first research centers in Flanders to obtain the GEP-certificate (N° 6 SL). Since then, we have continued to invest in knowledge and technology to improve our skills in plant protection research.

Inagro performs all aspects of testing the selectivity and efficacy of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, nematicides and plant growth regulators in a very wide range of crops and application techniques.

Field trials in open air
  • Potato, cereals, rapeseed, soybean, maize, flax, hops, industrial chicory and Belgian endives
  • Leguminous and outdoor vegetables (leek, brassica, lettuce, celery, carrots, spinach, zucchini, strawberries, …)
Field trials in glasshouses
  • Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, strawberries, zucchini, ...
  • Edible mushrooms
  • Belgian endives
  • Post-harvest storage of crops
  • Growth chamber experiments
proefveld courgette
Application techniques (crop tailored)
  • Field spraying
  • Granular applications
  • Pouring
  • Dip treatment
  • Phytodrip
  • Testing of seed coating
  • Collar treatment
  • Treatment through nutrient solution
  • Plant container treatment
  • Powdering
  • Fogging
  • ...
Toepassing elektrofog in koelcel

… for homologation, demonstration and R&D purposes

Homologation research

With 18 years of experience, Inagro offers GEP (Good Experimental Practice) trials for registration purposes of new plant protection products for high-quality integrated and organic farming and provides you with a report in the format that suits you best.

Inagro covers selectivity and efficacy testing of plant protection products, effects of plant protection products on yield and quality parameters as well as effects of plant protection products on plants which are used as propagating material (potato, strawberry).

Extension of our scope under certification is possible on demand.

Demonstration trials

At the request of our clients, Inagro sets up demonstration trials and  platforms all over Flanders in a very wide range of crops to demonstrate product efficiency for weed types and diseases, application techniques, practical mixing problems, etc.

For your field trials and demonstrations, Inagro can deliver inoculum of a wide range of pathogens and perform artificial inoculations and re-isolation tests. We can also grow specific isolates, delivered by the customer.


Today, companies need more and more information on plant-pathogen interaction. Inagro is your partner in the early evaluation of molecules in the R&D process with PCR, RT-PCR and diagnostic services for different matrices such as plant, soil, manure and water. Resistance tests of molecules against specific pathogens in laboratory conditions are also among our skills.